is a TRULY private messaging chat app for iOS

End to End Encryption that only you can unlock!

The bestest encrypted chat app for ios

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Start chatting today with Shush and be comfy knowing that NO ONE is watching.

The encrypted messenger chat app for ios that has end to end encryption no one can decrypt.

Only you and and the ones you send messages to can decrypt the messages you send to each other. If you choose to delete a message or thread, its DELETED! and gone forever.

Shush Messenger

Many apps, even the private encryption apps, store secret keys on their servers. While most are legitimate, they still could use these keys to decrypt YOUR stored messages. This also allows them to be open to government, or other authority figures, requests.

Shush Does not have any of those issues. Shush messenger gives you the secret key, and only you. We can not decrypt your messages EVER, PERIOD.

Never enter your phone number, your name, your email, or anything. Apps like signal can always tie you to it. Shush can NOT :).

With Shush, you can send a message knowing no one can intercept it. There is no "man in the middle" when the message we send is encrypted before its sent. This includes all messages and images. Once you send it only you and the person who you sent it to can decrypt the message.

If you decide to delete a message, its deleted. It no longer exists. Boom... done... :)

While there are many apps that exist that claim similar, they usually have several things about them that allow for some access to data. Keys can exist on servers, governments can subpoena. There are lots of issues that could compromise your data and messages. With Shush, this is not the case... and you are welcome :)

Privacy.. Privacy.. Privacy!

"Get naked" with Shush

and feel safe :P

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Registering is quick, simple, and PRIVATE. No names required

Download Secret Key

After your first install and register, it is a good idea to download a copy of your secret key right away. This allows you to install on multiple devices and is a fail safe incase you loose or break your device(s)

Add Friends

Friend Codes is how you become friends. You can generate and send a code, or enter a code sent to you by another Shush user. Then, chat away

YAY Friends

shush friend codes

Friend Codes

To add friends, you just generate a friend code and send it to someone.

There is no searching users, so no one can know who uses the app outside of their friends.

Create a code

Create a friend code, send it to someone who has Shush, or someone you want to join Shush. They just need to open the app, and add the code you sent. VoilĂ , Friend!

Have a code

If someone sent you a code, you can just type/paste it into Shush and VoilĂ , new Friend!

Chat like
you're chatting in the middle of nowhere.

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